"There's No Place That's Home"

Recently debuted by AKA Adoptee Film Festival in New York City, PoffenBell Productions peers into the lives of Intercountry Adoptees discarded by American society. The film briefly animates the muted lives of individuals who are coping with the aftermath of orphanhood, transracial adoption, and neglect and abuse by those responsible for protecting them as children. Abandoned by their biological and adoptive families, their culture, and two government systems, their perils often extinguish their innocence and sabotage their human potential. Adoptees who lack vital resources and citizenship protection may unwittingly become buried beneath the imperviousness of American classism, privilege, and political oversight.

We’re talking about people who have no connection whatsoever to their birth country. They’re subject to the laws of the United States if they commit a crime, but they shouldn’t be subject to deportation. This is a very small niche issue and doesn’t fit into the larger argument about immigration. It’s a simple injustice. Time is obviously important because there are people subject to this.”
~Congressman Adam Smith, D-WA

The Child Citizenship Act left thousands of internationally-adopted children, who are now adults, in an untenable position, facing everything from difficulty applying for a passport to possible deportation. These men and women were raised by American parents in the United States and should have the same rights provided to other adoptees under the CCA“.
~Senator Roy Blunt, R-MO

In order for intercountry adoption to function as intended, it must prioritize fundamental U.S. protections for all adopted children.  Every adopted individual deserves a permanent family, country, and home.”