Chung Soon's Story, Texas

Chung Soon’s Story, Texas

I’m sure my conception was not an act of love. I’m sure the discovery of my existence wasn’t filled with joy and excitement. I’m sure there weren’t baby showers and gifts and celebratory gatherings.  I’m sure there weren’t floods of congrats and hugs. Instead, I’m sure there was fear and uncertainty about my birth.  I can’t imagine the pain, anger, sadness and extreme guilt my mother felt the day she signed those papers and had to walk away from me.  I can’t imagine how I screamed, cried and reached out my arms to her as she walked out the door.

         I can’t imagine…

I do know this. I know my mother loved me.  This I’m sure of.  I feel it.  I always have.  I know she wanted to keep me and would have given anything to make that happen.  This mother’s day will be spent praying that you are alive.  That you are happy.  Somehow the universe will allow you to feel my love Umma.

Happy Mother’s Day!  I love you with all my heart. God bless you and keep you safe until we meet again.

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