Organization Support Template- Washington DC

February 22, 2018

Re: National Asian Pacific American Bar Association’s Letter of Support for the
Adoptee Citizenship Act of 2018

Dear Senator/Representative:

On behalf of the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA), I write to express
our strong support for and to urge you to support the bipartisan Adoptee Citizenship Act of 2018
(ACA), sponsored by Senator Mazie Hirono, Senator Roy Blunt, and Congressman Adam
Smith. The ACA addresses an issue that our members and affiliates across the nation are eager
to see resolved after seventeen years of uncertainty for an estimated 35,000 adoptees adopted
by Americans, brought to this county, and who remain without U.S. Citizenship even after the
passage of the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 (CCA).

Founded in 1988, NAPABA is the national association of Asian Pacific American attorneys,
judges, law professors, and law students. NAPABA represents the interests of approximately
50,000 attorneys and more than 80 national, state, and local Asian Pacific American bar associations. NAPABA’s membership includes Asian Pacific American adoptees, parents of adoptees, and immigration attorneys who recognize the need for a legislative solution to this problem creating uncertainty for those adopted by American families.

NAPABA, its members, and its affiliates support the ACA, which provides a solution for adoptees not covered by the CCA. Enacted in 2000, the CCA amended the Immigration and
Nationality Act (INA) to provide certain lawfully adopted and admitted foreign-born children of
American parents automatic U.S. Citizenship. However, an oversight resulted in an estimated
35,000 adoptees from receiving their U.S. Citizenship simply because they were eighteen or over the age of eighteen when the CCA was enacted. The ACA addresses this oversight and makes impacted adoptees eligible for automatic citizenship unless they have been found guilty of a violent crime and have been deported.

NAPABA strongly supports the proposed Adoptee Citizenship Act of 2018, which will help to resolve issues that thousands of adoptees face without their U.S.citizenship and allow them to live in the United States without fear or uncertainty. NAPABA asks you to support and consider co-sponsoring the Adoptee Citizenship Act of 2018.

We thank you for your attention and consideration of this important matter. If you have any
questions, please feel free to contact Oriene Shin, NAPABA Policy Associate, at or 202-775-9555.


Tina Matsuoka

Executive Director