For information on your rights, how to prepare, or how to locate legal assistance, visit Informed Immigrant. The following information does not constitute legal advice and should not be substituted for advice from a qualified attorney who specializes in immigration law.

For information on CITIZENSHIP AND ADOPTION return to our resource page here. The information on this page is general in nature and not specific to intercountry adoptees in particular.

To identify immigration attorneys, the following online resources are available:

It is important to know your rights whether you have US citizenship, Legal Permanent Residence or if you are undocumented. The following resources provide information related to your rights and obligations when interacting with law enforcement officials in your home, at work, outside your home, or at border crossings:

Regardless of your status, you can print and carry a Red Card which outlines your right to remain silent and to withhold consent to searches of your property without an attorney present.

National Immigration Project Know your Rights card with focus on rights within your home.