How to Help

Be an Advocate and Ally. Be Involved.

  1. Call (or write to) your Senators and Representatives to express your support for securing citizenship for intercountry adoptees.
  2. Donate to the Adoptee Defense Fund to support the ACA work, donate online (Please write “Adoptee Citizenship” in memo box.
    Frequent flyer miles and other in-kind (non-monetary) donation offers can be coordinated.
  3. Sign on to our organizational petition in support of the ACA sign here
  4. Spread the Word via social media by posting on Facebook and sharing why you support this bill. Please use the hashtag #citizenshipforalladoptees. 
  5. Get an official and free #CitizenshipForAllAdoptees social media badge when uploading your personal photo to:
  6. Adoptees without US citizenship can submit their experiences to us as suggested in Tell Your Story
  7. We welcome any adoptees and partner with those who want to be proactive on a weekly basis. We are seeking volunteers to fill Social Media, digital media, fundraising, written translation of files, legislative visits in each state. State contacts are needed to approach legislators.


Attend or host a community event to make waves! Take advantage of an excellent opportunity to locate those ready to make a difference in their communities using tools offered by ACLU. ARC welcomes you to spread awareness and community-level interest striving to secure citizenship for intercountry adoptees.

 To host an event to locate supporters, register here
To find a workshop near you to attend visit and search by zip code.
If you host or attend an event, would you please share our information with the attendees? We are happy to answer any questions you may have and share an easy to read script with you. We have multiple ways you can help.
  • Make folks aware that the issue exists – internationally adopted children are immigrants and not all are protected by the right to citizenship – over 30,000 adopted children are at risk of deportation
  • Ask attendees to call congressional Representatives and Senators and ask them to support the Adoptee Citizenship Act
  • Recruit people to help us build an army of proactive advocates.