Local Resolutions & Proclamations

All politics is local and YOU can make a difference.

Help us raise awareness and garner support in your home town. Every day local governments support issues important to their communities.

To date, Philadelphia, Seattle, Houston and now Los Angeles have passed resolutions and issued proclamations supporting the Adoptee Citizenship Act. The more cities, towns, states and elected officials supporting equal citizenship for all adoptees, the easier it is to convince Congress to do the right thing.

Where should you start? Here are 7 easy steps:

  1. Download the four resolutions
  2. Contact your local City Councilperson and talk with their staff about US Adoptees without citizenship. Schedule an appointment to meet with the local official in person.
  3. Send them a copy of your state report to show the local impact.
  4. Ask for their help to pass a local resolution or proclamation. Hint: give copies of our 4 resolutions/proclamations as samples.
  5. Contact info@AdopteeRightsCampaign.org and we will help publicize your effort.
  6. On the big day, show up with plenty of supporters. Offer to testify in support – tell your city council why this matters to you. Don’t forget to video tape the proceedings and take lots of pictures.
  7. Once your local resolution or proclamation has passed, send the text, photos and videos to info@AdopteeRightsCampaign.org to share the good news.