Adoptee Rights Campaign

The Adoptee Rights Campaign (ARC) is a diverse group of intercountry adoptees and allies striving to educate, organize and advocate for adoptee rights. These include access to critical adoption, immigration, and other vital identity documentation. Our goal is to ensure that all intercountry adoptees have the citizenship they should have received when they were brought into the country as children for adoption into American families.

Since the beginning of our campaign in 2015, adoptees with citizenship problems have come forward from over twenty-five countries including South Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Philippines, China, Japan, Thailand, Great Britain, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, India, Haiti, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, St. Kitts, Canada, Samoa and others.

ARC is the only organization in the world to be led by Adoptees who have experienced citizenship failure.  We believe in equal U.S. citizenship rights for all intercountry Adoptees and also advocate for the elimination of deportation involving Adoptees with American parents.  Equal citizenship rights are necessary to empower Adoptees toward family unity, economic stability, and community engagement.

ARC works with adoptees, adoptive parents, legal associations, adoption coalitions, human rights organizations, and many other allied affiliates. Our member networks are in Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, Washington DC, and Virginia.

In January of 2018, ARC joined with World Hug Foundation. Together ARC and WHF seek to expand its advocacy to adoptees in the U.S. and abroad. WHF was founded on the principle that every person deserves to be protected and treated equally, aims to promote awareness and be an advocate for not only adoptees but the adoption issue at large. World Hug Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.